Flesh. The final frontier.

Flat design. Material design. What are these but impotent thrusts at that vague seducer, user interfacing? Skin Alive! brings being closer to machine. Redefine "touch device" with the flesh-first user experience.

--- ✂︎ ---

This texture resembling human skin is generated dynamically in the browser.

All of the humanoid WebGL demos I have seen online rely on pre-existing skin textures. Here I attempt to reproduce these textures on the fly.

The skin crackling is created using voronoi tesselation. The veins are lichtenberg figures. The freckles are just randomly distrubuted orbs. And the skin hue variation is caused by perlin noise.

Because each layer of the skin texture is created dynamically, it's possible to generate normal maps on the fly as well, which I guess is cool and useful for giving the UI a feeling of depth.

Feel free to check out the source files for links to recommended reading.