If I could travel to sp ace: a story.

Check it out.Read the paper version.

About the comic

This space story was written in jest for a school project in 2011. I only recently decided to host it online after Google announced that Drive now supports web hosting.

Update: Drive no longer supports web hosting.

Read the original.

About the project

Uploading the static comic itself to a hosted domain didn’t really seem as satisfying as coming up with something interactive, so I tried to get each page look like it was made up of stars in space.

I threw this together in a day or two using JavaScript and Mr.doob’s three.js library for the 3D elements.

Simply put, the code scans each pixel of an image and retains the positions of the darkest ones. It then inverts the pixels’ colors if they’re black or have low saturation. Finally, the code creates 3D particles where the retained pixels used to be on the grid and three.js pretty much takes care of the rest. I don’t know why anyone would want to, but feel free to read the code.

Interact with the final project.